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K nearest neighbours or KNN is one of the basic machine learning model. It is simple, intuitive and useful.

Terms you should know:

Classification: A classifier refers to a machine learning method used assign a label to an unknown case given some data. It is a form of supervised learning.

Regression: A regression is a method used to assign numerical/continuous output(s) to input(s). In regression, each individual input is mapped to a singular individual output. It is a form of supervised learning.

K: K in K-Nearest Neighbours (KNN) refers to the amount of neighbours that participate in majority voting used for classification of test or unknown…

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Breathing. They say it’s easy.

I close my eyes, searching for peace I know I won’t find. My palms are sweaty and my heart pounds out of my chest. The noise of my distorted breath exists as a fearful reminder. I touch my respirator, running my fingers till I reach my air supply. The whole apparatus feels fragile and cheap. It’s tough to imagine that it’s as important as blood for me.

Looking around, I find no solace. The foul, polluted sky drapes over fearful, young faces and the collective of concrete blocks that shape the circular auditorium. …

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The Basics:

Let’s say someone approaches you and says:

“Wanna play a game? I have either a soccer ball or a basketball in this bag. My ball has lines, has pentagons, and is black and white. Can tell me what ball I have?”

What would be your answer? If you said soccer ball, I really wouldn’t be surprised. Let’s dig a little deeper; Let’s analyze our approach.

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Voting is an important part to the democratic process

Young people in Canada, US, and around the globe are not voting. Many people say that they just don’t vote simply because “youth just aren’t interested.” However, it turns out that this issue is much more complex than it seems at first. I believe that the declining voter turnout can be attributed to these reasons:

It’s hard to vote:

Younger generations turn out lower voting numbers because it’s not always extremely easy to vote — even if you want to. According to a poll from Harvard, close to 50 percent of 18–29 year olds were going to vote in the US elections. …

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Hey! My name is Martin. For the past week, I have been starting machine learning using IBM’s Coursera course: Machine Learning with Python. (I’d really suggest this to those exploring machine learning)As a beginner, one of the first machine learning models I was introduced too was linear regression. This is one of the most popular and basic mL (machine learning) models

If you are starting to learn machine learning, you’ve probably also heard of linear regression but perhaps you’ve been caught in the terminology, complex formulas and equations. Well, if you have, this is the article for you.

Basics: (Supervised learning, regression, etc.)

Before we start, let’s examine some basics of machine learning. …

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What’s so great about prime editing?

The CRISPR Cas9 system (colloquially referred to as CRISPR) is an interesting method of genetic editing. When first introduced, CRISPR Cas9 was revolutionary. Its effectiveness, speed, and ease of use contributed towards its popularity. However, despite its merits, CRISPR isn’t perfect. Despite being able to effectively modify gene sequence, using CRISPR often produces unintentional byproducts. These erroneous differences may be small but when it comes to genetic editing, precision is key.

Take a look at this partial DNA sequence:


This is a section of the normal DNA of the Beta Globin gene. This sequence of DNA is responsible for conveying instructions for the production of Beta Globin, a protein that makes up hemoglobin. …


Martin Tin

Hi!! My name is Martin. I’m an enthusiastic first-year TKS Innovator who loves STEM topics. Join me as I explore exciting new technologies!

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